EV, Plug in, Electric Car rentals on Maui

Rent a 100% Electric, Plug in EV car on Maui!

Yes, you can do Hana and Haleakala!

Tesla  100% electric rental car on Maui

2018 Tesla Model 3, extended range! 300 miles on a charge! Fast charger capable.

Chevy bolt 100% electric rental car on Maui

2021 Chevy Bolt! 250 miles on a charge!

Nissan Leaf 100% electric rental car on Maui

2018 Nissan Leaf available! 150 miles on a charge!

ethical business rental car office on Maui

ZERO Emissions!

zero emissions rental car


Just plug it into an electric outlet to recharge! Even a standard household outlet!

Comes with a 20' cord so see if you can plug in where you are staying! Makes it even easier to plug in while you sleep!

ev parking only

  • No Gas! No exhaust! No motor oil!
  • Rear view Camera!
  • 4 door hatchback
  • Seats 5
See where to charge your EV on Maui.
EV electric car plug in charge stations on Maui

Six level three fast charge stations on Maui, plus several level two, which are slower but usually gives you better parking at places like Costco and wholefoods, etc... Leaf at ev charging station on Maui

These are the most eco friendly cars available. Talk to us about any concerns... The future is now! Be part of the solution.


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