E.V. Plug in Car rental on Maui

Rent a 100% Electric, Plug in EV car on Maui!

BRAND NEW 2018 Nissan Leaf available!

Nissan Leaf 100% electric rental car on Maui

151 miles average on a charge! Yes, you can do Hana and Haleakala!

100% electric Nissan leaf rental car on Maui

2011 World car of the year. 100% Electric car.

ZERO Emissions!

zero emissions rental car


Just plug it into an electric outlet to recharge! Even a standard household outlet!

Comes with a 20' cord

ev parking only

  • No Gas! No exhaust! No motor oil!
  • 2018 = 151 miles or more on a charge!
  • 2016 = 99 miles
  • Rear view Camera!
  • 4 door hatchback
  • Seats 5
See where to charge your EV on Maui.
EV electric car plug in charge stations on Maui

Several New charge stations added on Maui, including fast chargers! And many are free to use! Leaf at ev charging station on Maui

Although this is the most eco friendly electric car available, using no fuel at all in the car, currently you are slightly limited with how far you can travel, such as: you might not be able to drive all the way up Haleakala, or go to Hana and back the same day... Talk to us about options and concerns... Try it for part of your trip, and exchange it with a different car for your longer excursions!


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