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ECO Friendly Car Rental Maui Hawaii


2018 LEAF for rent on Maui

Mauis GREEN Car Rentals

Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars You’re not just renting a car.

For about the same price as the other Maui car rental companies you can rent a cool car and actually do something about climate change!

Rent a car on Maui that gets 60 mpg!

OR rent a car that doesn't even use gas!

Regular Rental Cars; Sedans, Hatchbacks, just better!

2019 Hybrid for rent on Maui

Prius and Camry Hybrids, Biodiesel cars, and 100% Electric EV rental cars on Maui!

Great fuel economy!

Our Maui Rental car prices are surprisingly competitive! Prices vary for different vehicles, and dates such as holidays, events, and busy times for rental cars on Maui.

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Family owned, local business since 2003!

Have a question? ASK US! We are here to help make your Maui rental car AND your Maui Vacation a great one!
  • SAVE $$ in fuel! Other Maui car rentals agencies vehicles average under 20 mpg!
  • Most convenient rental car pickup on Maui, no buses, no lines...
  • FREE Pick ups and dropoffs for your Maui Rental Car; OGG Kahului airport, Kihei, Wailea, Kahului Harbor and many other locations on Maui, during regular business hours.
  • NO OGG Airport rental car tax!
  • Have your reserved Maui rental car within 10 minutes at the OGG airport!
  • Closest Car rental on Maui to Kahului Harbors cruiseships!
  • Maui Car Hire for your holiday!
  • Need a rental car on Maui after hours? No problem!
  • Second Driver no extra charge!
  • FREE COOLERS/ Beach Toys/ etc...
  • We rent cars to 21 year olds, NO ADDED FEES!
  • AND 100% of net proceeds go toward helping animals and the environment!

Best car rental value for your money overall
and best for the planet!

Do something better for the planet and your family while on Maui! Maui Car rentals Logo


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Maui Car Rentals


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New cars and older vehicles

45-70 mpg  Hybrids The most fuel efficient gas cars available on Maui: Four door Hatchbacks. Toyota Prius C, Prius, and larger Camry Hybrid.

Blue prius hybrid rental car
AND 100% ELECTRIC Plug in, Nissan Leaf, E.V.rental cars! ZERO Emissions! Plugs into a standard outlet and 8 fast chargers across the island, and several others for free. Nissan Leaf 100% electric rental car on Maui

Biodiesel VEGI Cars Regular cars, just an ECO friendly fuel! Convenient, no hassle refueling, GUARANTEED! Fuel made in Hawaii from recycled cooking oil! Very Cool!

VW Jettas; Roomy Four door sedans, 5 person, large trunks. Older cars. biodiesel vw jetta rental car

VW Beetles; Fun rental cars, two door hatchbacks, four person. biodiesel vw beetle rental car picture Our VW Maui rental cars get 40 MPG, over 400 miles on a tank. Older car..

For more information, about us, a Maui Rental Car, or more, see the menu below. Review the policy page for more specific information on a Maui car rental.

VW Beetle at Bio-beetle, Greenest Car rental on the planet

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Red Prius rental car in Hawaii
Our Maui Car rentals You're not just renting a car! car rental proceeds go to charity
Best Car Rental Business awards

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Maui Car Hire. Rental Cars on Maui!

OGG Maui Airport car rental.

Bio-Beetle is the primary donor to Save An Animal organization.

Please send a donation to help SAVE AN ANIMAL!

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